Dec 05

Angelica Rylin talked about Thrive with The Age Of Metal



The first time I listen Angelica Rylin‘s voice was when I got the promo for Bye Bye Lullaby, the second album of her band The Murder Of My Sweet. It did impress me in such way that I still have it rotating in my iPod, so when I heard that she was coming with a second album, I got excited.

Thrive is not a metal album, but more of an AOR album that explores a different side of Angelica‘s voice. The album has a lot of catchy tunes and pushes Angelica‘s voice to a different level from what she does on The Murder Of My Sweet. The album can sound too personal at times, but truth it that the collection of songs on this album was put together in collaboration with Harry Hess, Daniel Flores, Robert Sall, Alessandro Del Vecchio and Anders Wigelius.

Songs like Breaking My Heart, Riding Out The Storm, Rain On My Parade have an 80’s touch on them, really catchy and quite enjoyable. The album also counts with special guests like: Matt Guillory (James Labrie), Jesper Stromblad (The Resistance, ex-In Flames), and Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear) that collaborated with solos on the Thrive.

Thrive represents a new step on Angelica Rylin‘s career that take her voice to a new level and shows that she has more talent than she has been credit for, so if you get the chance check out her solo album and her band The Murder Of My Sweet. The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Angelica Rylin about her new solo album, her experience working on an AOR format, and gave us an inside on what is going on with The Murder Of My Sweet at the moment.


Interview with Angelica Rylin about Thrive & The Murder Of My Sweet by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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