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Andreas Kisser of Sepultura discussed touring and the band’s 30th year anniversary



30 years of musical career, 14 studio albums, and hundreds of shows around the world are the presentation card of one of the most groundbreaking metal bands in history. Sepultura, became a metal powerhouse back in the late 80’s and early 90’s by combining thrash, death, and some black metal elements to their musical style, then adding their own Brazilian flavor to the mix, and boom you got some pretty groovy metal that would change the history of how we perceived metal forever.

Sepultura‘s metal style is a unique result of the band’s use of native Brazilian rhythms adapted to heavy metal, that was so foreign to what the bands from Europe and North America were trying to do at the time. Yes, there was Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax from the US, and Kreator, Sodom & Destruction from Europe racing neck to neck for metal superiority at the time. Sepultura‘s arrival was a game changer to the perception of metal at the time, their music was so heavy (Troops Of Doom, Slaves Of Pain, & Orgasmatron were literally some of the heaviest tunes of the late 80’s) Then the released of Arise, Chaos A.D & Roots shaped the Sepultura legacy and their place among the greatest bands of the time.

With the departure of Max Cavalera and the inclusion of Derrick Green to the band, the sound of Sepultura took a different direction that is reflected on the albums Against (1998) & Nation (2001), with the released of Roorback (2003) the band got a lot more cohesive on their new direction as the media perception of their revamped sound was starting to form.  Following the release of Dante XXI (2006) Iggor Cavalera left the band, and was replaced by Jean Dolabella.

Sepultura‘s modern direction begun in 2011 with the released of the album Kairos (2011) and the following 2013 release The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart, both albums reflect the modern style of Sepultura which conserve that traditional Brazilian flavor with a more aggressive metal style, this album also was the first one with current drummer, Eloy Casagrande

During 30 years Sepultura has struggle to survive from breaking into the international metal scene, to controversy as their line up has changed with the years. One thing that remains intact is their image as one of the most iconic and heavy bands that came out from South America, and so far no one else had been able to successfully follow their path.

Recently we spoke with guitar player Andreas Kisses of Sepultura, we talked about their current US tour, reflect on the band’s 30 years of musical career, and talked about his new band De La Tierra.



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