Apr 27

Andre Matos of Symfonia talked to The Age Of Metal



Andre Matos has been one of the most charismatic and hard-working power metal singers in the last decade. Since his works with Angra, Shaaman & his solo career he had achieve international recognition, that talent also took him to work with the likes of Tobias Sammet in his all-stars band Avantasia during the band’s world tour in 2008.

But currently Andre Matos joined forces with Timo Tolki (ex-Stratovarius), Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween), Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius) and Miko Harkin (ex-Sonata Arctica) to conform the super-group Symfonia, the result of that union is In Paradisum the first album of the band.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with Andre Matos about Symfonia and this is what he told us.

What called your attention in order to join Symfonia?

What is the concept behind In Paradisum?

So it would be a development of that concept in a future album?

How was the experience to work with Timo Tolki as producer?

How do you see the power metal scene today in comparation with 10, 15 years ago?

What do you think Symfonia can provide to the power metal scene?

How was the response of the public at the Finnish Metal Expo?

The band is confirmed to play at Sonisphere in July, how do you see the participation of Symfonia in that festival.

Are any plans to tour in the United States?

Do you have any updates on the condition of Uli Kusch?



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