Oct 22

Anders Jacobsson of Draconian on the new album SOVRAN



Since 1994 Draconian has been at the vanguard of gothic/doom metal, even when the genre changed they stood up against time by keeping the same musical formula for the fans that still love this kind of style. Through the years they had changes like any other band, but they have been quite relevant for the genre when many other bands changed their style to adapt or they simply disappeared.

In 2015 and after a four years wait, Draconian is coming back with a new album, SOVRAN and the début of their new vocalist, Heike Langhans. The new album is a dark flashback from the band’s earliest days, and it represents what this kind of music sounded back in the 90’s. Heike‘s vocals are not just beautiful, but extremely melancholic, which gives to the album that early gothic/metal which results on this album being so great.

On SOVRAN, Draconian not only reflects on their early days, but they also became more dark and emotional to the point that they with this album, they have the potential to make the genre relevant once more. Songs like: Pale Tortured Blue,The Wretched Tide, or No Lonelier Star are the perfect examples of how great this album sounds and feels like.

Draconian‘s SOVRAN is not just an attempt to get back to the roots of the genre that they helped to form, but they are injecting freshness to it via Heike‘s voice. The songs are dark, the lyrics are melancholic and highly emotional, and their sound amazingly good for a band that has been half asleep for the last 4 years.

The Age Of Metal talked to vocalist Anders Jacobsson about Draconian‘s new album, how Heike‘s arrival impacted the final sound, his views on the state of the gothic/doom metal genre, and what is next for Draconian.




Interview with Anders Jacobsson of Draconian by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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