Jun 26

Anciients – Heart of Oak (2013)



This past April, music fans got to indulge in the individualistic wave that is Anciients. Combining polished riffs with perplexing drum rhythms, this band is destined to impress. They combine rock and metal perfectly. Their low-tuned riffs will leave you lurid, and the clashing jarring and harmonious vocals and gradating music styles blend into one pot of a lush musical recipe. All of these elements are mixed into one chalice filled with a warm, luscious liquid. With their divine debut, Heart of Oak, Anciients will charm listeners and beckon them to taste that intoxicating chalice of rapture.

One hears the pulchritude when the first track begins to play. Raise the Sun becalms the listener with a soft riff and simple yet powerful drum pattern. Then, the listener is thrown into the abyss with heavier riffing and wailing clean vocals.  Their guitar stylings are lively yet ragged; examples of this are the dark yet canny solos in the tracks Overthrone and Falling in Line. One of the more raging songs on this album is The Longest River. With rapid drumming and vigorous solos, this track is sure to leave any listener breathless. Faith and Oath is the most unique track off of this album. The gradation on this song, from extremely harsh vocals to meek riffs, is enough to provoke listeners. My favorite track off of this album is Flood and Fire. The song starts out very tranquil, and slowly becomes a rushing rancor of exultation.

This group has various and distinct influences, but weaves their own masterpiece into the basket of what makes up their sound. This sound is best described as Opeth drowning in an unilluminated and placid sea. Combining the composed grim clean vocals and merciless growls to an opaque imagery, one will feel the beauty elucidate. The truly baroque styling of Anciients will leave their listeners captivated. With so much power in this debut, it makes me wonder what will become of Anciients. All I can say is, Heart of Oak has hypnotized its listeners and that’s what is essential.



1. Raise the Sun
2. Overthrone
3. Falling in Line
4. The Longest River
5. One Foot in the Light
6. Giants
7. Faith and Oath
8. Flood and Fire
9. For Lisa

Genre: Rock/Metal

Record Label: Seasons of Mist

Playing Time: 59 Minutes


Kenneth Paul Cook – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Dyck – Guitar, Vocals
Aaron “Boon” Gustafson – Bass
Mikey Hannay – Drums



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