Apr 27

Anathema – Weather Systems (2012)


In the early nineties three bands came out from England who personified the Death/Doom sub-genre: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Anathema. Out of all of them Anathema has been the one who went the furthest away from their roots later in their career. In 1996 they released their album Eternity which saw Anathema going in the direction of progressive and alternative rock. Now in 2012 Anathema has released their newest album Weather Systems and by now they have completely forgone their Death/Doom roots and have come into their own sound.

Weather Systems is very much like their last album We’re Here Because We’re Here in terms of sound but with a few key differences. One of them is the atmosphere is a bit different, every song on the album has a formula in that it constantly builds up into a crescendo by the end of the song. Songs like Untouchable, Part 1, The Gathering of the Clouds, and Sunlight show this. On some songs there is almost an Katatonia-esque quality to it which is not surprising as both Katatonia and Anathema were once part of the Death/Doom scene who later foregone their past sound for something new. There is an uplifting quality to every song, even the more darker sounding songs like Beginning of the End, The Lost Child or The Storm Before the Calm has uplifting parts. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Vincent Cavanagh has a sweet but melancholic voice and coupled with lead female vocalist Lee Douglas creates a shining duet. Brothers Danny and Jamie Cavanagh (Jamie and Vincent are twins while Danny being the oldest brother) do a good job at lead guitar and bass respectively. Danny is a wonderful guitarist creating beautiful melodic moments in the band. Drummer John Douglas (he is the brother of Lee Douglas) does a fantastic job at keeping the beat ad keeping the song from going wild.

With Weather Systems, Anathema has created a powerful album full of emotion. As the band has said on their website describing the album: “not background music for parties. The music is written to deeply move the listener.” and upon listening to the album it most definitely does do that. Weather Systems is not metal as there are not really any metal elements in this album, Weather Systems is Atmospheric/Progressive rock. While not metal Weather Systems is a wonderful listen for fans of old and new. Anathema knows what they want to write as music and what not to write and there is no stopping them.


1. Untouchable, Part 1

2. Untouchable, Part 2

3. The Gathering of the Clouds

4. Lightning Song

5. Sunlight

6. The Storm Before the Calm

7. The Beginning and the End

8. The Lost Child

9. Internal Landscapes


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