Mar 27

American Head Charge discussed touring & Tango Umbrella with The Age Of Metal


imageSome say Nu metal ? Others industrial? But Whatever you want to call it – it is heavy, alive and well as Minneapolis musicians, American Head Charge, continue on their tour supporting the rebirth of Coal Chamber. Since 2011 the guys of American Head Charge have rekindled and went on to sign with Napalm Records for their upcoming (hopefully, most likely, probably released this summer) Tango Umbrella. Which will be their first album in 10 years! These guys give so much credibility to the scene ever since they put out ’99’s Trepanation and ’01’s The War of Art.

We got the chance to hang out and chat with 4 of the 6 members before the show began, as I tried to coax a set in stone album release date out of them, we essentially ended up discussing music in general, the craziness of life on the road, and the antics of producer Dave Fortman, who’s worked with bands like Otep, Mudvayne, and Slipknot!

A few hours later American HeadCharge finally kicked off the first of the 2015 North American tour, Opening with A Violent Reaction, the crowd began pouring in as Karma Cheema‘s catchy and heavy hitting power cords along with Cameron Heacock‘s brutal in your face lyrics, drew in the smokers from the patio to witness the thrashy, fast paced tunes of Let All The World Believe. Well placed samples and unique keyboarding by Justin Fowler gave Just So You Know full control, combined with Ted Hallows crushing riffs, melodic rhythms, and infectious energy. Heacock showed off his incredible range, transitioning from harsh screams to powerful clean vocals throughout. (with the help of the participating audience). The ferocious bass lines of Chad Hanks, maintained the forceful aggressiveness of the set with Down & Depraved, one of my favorite song of the evening! American Head Charge proves they’ve always had what it takes to get the crowd pumped up and moving with the song Dirty.

Striving all these years with their hard and heavy tones,the 6 piece ended their performance with Seamless. Sirens wailed along with the screaming of fans closing in around the stage- rhythmically head banging to Chris Emery‘s solid drum beats. Every song undoubtably had great and memorable qualities, as the masses cheered in unison for more. This band truly has every element any hardcore music fan would be sure to enjoy. The next time they come to your town, be sure to check them out!


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