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Amberian Dawn – Magic Forest (2014)



After releasing a re-recorded selection of the best songs from their previous musical work with the voice of their new singer, Capri Paivi, last year. This 2014 Amberian Dawn returns with a new album titled, Magic Forest.

The album breaks apart from what the band was used to sound before, as Capri‘s voice brings a more informal, and more flexible way for the band to expand their musical horizon. Their roots remained intact within the Symphonic metal movement. Songs like Dance Of Life, Son Of Rainbow, and Endless Silence are proof of that.

Capri‘s voice puts the band in experimental mode, as they used electronic elements, and in cases pop music elements here and there, like in Magic Forest, Cherish My Memory, and I’m Still Here. With this new album Amberian Dawn  dares try new things, and keep it fresh at the same time. Far away from the already saturated Nightwish sound that any other band had produced, or the technicality of an Epica approach that has become popular among some of the new bands, These Finnish guys and gal preferred to stay within the middle ground, and it worked perfectly on this album.

Magic Forest is a refreshing album, not too epic, not too technical, just the right balance of adventure, music and great talent. So check it out and see it for yourself.

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01. Cherish My Memory 
02. Dance Of Life 
03. Magic Forest
04. Agonizing Night 
05. Warning
06. Son Of Rainbow 
07. I’m Still Here
08. Memorial
09. Endless Silence 
10. Green-Eyed

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing time: 39 Minutes

Line Up:

Capri – Vocals
Tuomas Seppälä – Guitar & Keyboards
Emil Pohjalainen – Guitar
Kimmo Korhonen – Guitar
Joonas Pykälä-aho – Drums



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