Jan 17

Almah – Motion (2011)


For those who don’t know Almah is a Power/Progressive metal band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Started back in 2006 as purely a solo project by Edu Falaschi singer of the band Angra, it turned into a full-fledged band by the release of their second album Fragile Equality. Having Edu and two other members of Angra, one would get the feeling that they sound very much like the band. However, this is not entirely the case as Almah is a much more aggressive band.

After 3 years Almah is back with their third full-length Motion. For their new album Almah continues their aggressive take on Power metal. In Motion one is bombarded by the heavy riffage of guitarists Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa. Edu is a very competent vocalist, able to soar like many of his power metal contemporaries and yet shows a gruff in his voice at times giving the music itself a much heavier quality alongside the other instruments. The album begins with Hypnotized, which starts off with a melodic lead like many other power metal acts, however it then goes into this heavy groove riff with almost growl like vocals by Edu that sounds very much akin to newer Dream Theater. There is a thrash like quality in the instrumentals, the song Living and Drifting for example that could appeal to fans of the genre. The addition of screams and frantic double bass drumming to some of the songs like Zombies Dictator or Soul Alight adds a new dimension of intensity. The musicianship in this band is very well done, where the musicians know how to play and write together with out the need for many flashy solos or long drawn out songs.

Almah is able to blend both Power metal and Progressive metal seemingly while not being more progressive nor more power metal and is able to bridge the cap between the two. Almah’s Motion is great follow-up to Fragile Equality and while not exactly bringing anything new to the table in this one, Motion is a great album for fans of aggressive Power/Progressive Metal.


  1. Hypnotized
  2. Living and Drifting
  3. Days of the New
  4. Bullets On the Altar
  5. Zombies Dictator
  6. Trace of Trait
  7. Soul Alight
  8. Late Night In ’85
  9. Daydream Lucidity
  10. When and Why


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