Jul 24

All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends (2011)


After releasing Hate, Malice, Revenge (2005), The Price of Existence (2006) and Awaken the Dreamers (2008), All Shall Perish have returned after several lineup changes with This Is Where It Ends, an album that’s as melodic as it is brutal. The addition of Adam Pierce on drums and Francesco Artusato on lead guitar has tightened their sound, and keeps these guys at the top of their game. One of the greatest things about this release is Hernan Hermida’s vocals – he manages to belt out some throat-ripping screams and still make himself completely understood. His cleaner singing sounds top notch as well. All Shall Perish doesn’t rely on breakdowns to sound heavy on this album. Don’t worry, theres still plenty of them on This Is Where It Ends, but they are used accordingly and are consistently interesting to listen to. The guitar work also finds a nice balance between being overly technical and too simplistic, both of which are a problem in the deathcore genre.

The album opens up at a break-neck pace with “Divine Illusion”, which closes with Hermida screaming “Your god can’t save you!” over a killer breakdown. “A Pure Evil” alternates between technical passages and well-built slower chorus. “The Past Will Haunt Us Both” has a catchy melody and clean vocals on the chorus that make the song one of the most memorable of the album. Easily the best song of the album, “In This Life of Pain” is absolutely huge in scope. Every second of the 7-and-a-half minute long track adds up to create a song that is both gorgeous in the slow piano intro, and blistering in the verse and breakdowns. This song also features some of the most interesting sounding riffs of the album, showcasing Ben Orum and Francesco Artusato’s creativity and guitar chops.

Overall, this album is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection. It doesn’t bring anything incredibly new to the table, but it’s a great piece of work that sounds refined and puts All Shall Perish at the forefront of the genre.


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