Aug 13

All Else Fails – The Oracle, What Was Is and Could Have Been (2011)


Alberta, Canada natives All Else Fails have crafted one of the most diverse sounding albums I’ve heard in a while. The Oracle, What Was Is and Could Have Been refuses to be pigeon-holed into a genre, and that’s why it’s great. Rather than sick to a straight formula, All Else Fails branch out into several genres and bring their sound into the fold to produce some incredibly creative songs that are overall still metalcore at heart.

While for the most part it consists of beautifully heavy riffing, every song has a unique touch to it. ‘The Oracle’ has a creepy piano intro & samples political speech, and  ‘Rebirth’ closes out with baroque guitar and violin. The most surprising track on the CD, ‘Sludge Factory’ is a grunge anthem that could have been on an Alice in Chains album. ‘The House at the End of the World’ is a slower tune with airy keyboard notes and has vocalist Barrett Klesko crooning in a manner similar to the Deftones. The track ‘Fallen’ is the best of the album, switching between fast & melodic riffing and a piano laden chorus. ‘Robots KOLTG’ is a heavy track that has some goofy electronic vocal qualities and is an excellent way to close out such a musically diverse album. Though the cd is extremely varied in its’ sounds, the approach always stays the same and creates an apocalyptic feeling that strings the tracks together. All Else Fails have crafted a heavy and rich album with The Oracle.

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