May 23

Alexander Krull of Atrocity talked about Okkult with The Age Of Metal



Twenty five years of experience in the international metal scene, eight studio albums, countless tours, and possibly the most “out of the box” band out there (musically speaking) as they can play the fastest and brutal metal to the softest gothic pop metal. Atrocity is without a doubt one of the biggest death metal bands that is releasing a new album this year.

Okkult, the band’s eight studio opus is way different to their earlier material but is connected with what they did on the Atlantis album (2004). Okkult, is a concept album that brings back to live al the mystical places, conspiracy theories, and dark stories that didn’t reach a popular status. Examples of that are songs like: Masaya, La Voisine, Pandemonium, and March Of The Undying. With this album Atrocity goes back to their roots in death metal with full force blast beats, fast riffs and the powerful voice of Alexander Krull.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Alexander Krull vocalist of the band about the idea behind Okkult, Atrocity‘s music journey, the treasure hunt inside Okkult, and what is next for Atrocity and his other band Leaves Eyes.


Interview with Alexander Krull of Atrocity by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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