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Alex Straropoli of Rhapsody of Fire talks Into The Legend & 70000 Tons Of Metal



Rhapsody of Fire is a band that along with Hammerfall, Stratovarius and Therion revamped the meaning of the word heavy metal back in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. Rhapsody of Fire quickly developed a peculiar sound that was so epic that even the lyrical part of their music was absolutely stellar.

When you decided to write your first 5 albums on the base of an intricate conceptual saga, you know that every part of it has to be good or better than the previous chapter, The first five Rhapsody (they had to modify their name later on for trademark issues) albums were like reading a book, but you just had to wait a bit longer for each of the chapter to be released in order to get an idea of the whole vision.

I first got in contact with Rhapsody of Fire‘s music by via a tape that an old friend gave me. I was hooked up right away with their first album Land of Immortals. Their style was so new, so fresh, so unique that I played that tape again and again for an entire summer, later on when I discover their third album Dawn Of Victory which I thought it was the best thing they have done at that time. I got the chance to see them live for the first time when they toured South America for the Dawn of Victory album, their show was amazing from beginning to end regardless of the lack of professional equipment the venue had available at the time.


Seeing them again at 70000 Tons of Metal was a totally different experience, not only they had a different name, line up, and the sound was actually good, but their performances were fantastic, especially their last show during the storm that hit the pool deck which forced to close it as soon they got off stage. Rhapsody of Fire‘s epic nature was one of the high notes for me at the boat, seeing them with a new line up, but keeping their trademark sound was impressive and a sign of relief.

Their set list for both shows was a mix of old classics and new material as they are promoting their new album Into The Legend which has that early Rhapsody of Fire style on it, so overall it was a great experience seeing them playing songs like Unholy Warcry, Dawn of Victory, Lamento Eroico, Holy Thunderforce, Emerald Sword and the première of Distant Sky from their new album Into The Legend.

Between shows, we had the chance to chat with Alex Staropoli keyboardist and founding member of Rhapsody of Fire. We talked about the new album, their legacy, and their experience at 70000 Tons of Metal.

Photos: Rhapsody of Fire at 70000 Tons of Metal (Alhambra Theater 02/04/16)


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