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Alex Staropoli of Rhapsody Of Fire talked to us about Dark Wings Of Steel


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Some bands find their success in life by their sound, the quality of their player, or how they approach to the masses. Rhapsody Of Fire is one of those bands that had defined themselves by their sound, and for many years their key was create the most epic power metal possible. If you listen Dawn Of Victory or Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II you will notice that.

Now after some crucial line up changes their had return with a new album titled Dark Wings Of Steel, and the name itself evokes a dragon, which is exactly what you get on the cover art of the album. A dragon with open wings and menacing eyes, that not even Smaug will dear to challenge. Once you listen to the album you can feel that familiar epic sound, that is not overdone, but enough to go straight to the point and say; Damn! this album is really epic and freaking awesome.

Songs like Raising From Tragic Flames, Tears Of Pain, Fly To Crystal Skies & Silver Lake Of Tears are the best examples of how magical this band can be. The shredding power on the hand of Mr. Roberto De Micheli is just out of this world, the strength and power of the voice of Fabio Lione is just astonish, and the melodic trance evoked by the keyboards of Alex Staropoli compliments this album in the most unreal way.

Dark Wings Of Steel not only marks the return of the dragon, but with it the return of Rhapsody Of Fire to their original formula without the complicated and extravagant stuff (not, that it was bad. But it had its time). Now they are back to their original epic power metal style that took them to the place they are now in the metal spectrum.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Alex Staropoli founder member and keyboardist of Rhapsody Of Fire. We talked about Dark Wings Of Steel, their sound, and their new vision.


Interview with Alex Staropoli of Rhapsody Of Fire by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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