Jun 21

Alestorm – Back Through Time (2011)


Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm make their pillage bigger with their fourth studio album Back Through Time, that from the first riff it sounds like Davy Jones was in charge of the music arrangements, and the album were the very own Flying Dutchman powerful and fierce.

Back Through Time is the track that opens the album a fast piece that even Captain Jack Sparrow would love to party to it. Shipwrecked is an allegoric and very folky track that presents a very catchy violin melody. The Sunk’n Norwegian presents itself as a fun track about naval warfare. Midget Saw it could be considered as the funniest song of the album not just for the catchy folky music but because is a about midgets. Buckfast Powersmash is the fastest track in the album designed for battle mosh. Scraping The Barrel is a folky ballad that gives balance o the album and tell a nice pirate tale.

Rum is a festive track that not only would make you dance but also gives a tribute to the most noble drink that is respected by all the pirates in the seven seas. Swashbuckled again a classic that enhance the typical pirate sword to sword combat, a very epic track.

With Back Through Time, Alestorm shows maturity in their sound and an expansion on the concept of pirate metal, a great album that the most fierce pirates should listen in their vessels while sailing the seven oceans in search of gold, the fountain of youth or any other mystical artefact.

Power Tracks: Back Through Time, Shipwrecked, The Sunk’n Norwegian, Midget Saw, Rum

Slow Tracks: Rumpelkombo, Barrett’s Privateers, Death Throes of the Terrorsquid, Swashbuckled


01. Back Through Time
02. Shipwrecked
03. The Sunk’n Norwegian
04. Midget Saw
05. Buckfast Powersmash
06. Scraping the Barrel
07. Rum
08. Swashbuckled
09. Rumpelkombo
10. Barrett’s Privateers
11. Death Throes of the Terrorsquid



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