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Adrenaline Mob – Men Of Honor (2014)



After the success of their previous record, Omerta, and the collections of covers, Coverta. Which took the band to places like Europe, South America & North America. The Rock & Roll gangsters had returned. Adrenaline Mob is back with a new album titled Men Of Honor.

The album is a collection of 11 songs of pure Hard Rock mafia goodness. Songs like Feel The Adrenaline or Men Of Honor are the reflection of the essence of this band, in which no boundaries are set, only straight up hard rock. Come On Get Up, is by far my favorite song on this album, not only its catchy and heavy as hell, but the vocal style of Russell Allen on this band and on this record, is just so different and refreshing from what he had done in the past. Dearly Departed, showcases more Mike Orlando’s guitar work, which makes this song more musical charged compared with the rest of the album.

Behind These Eyes, is a power ballad that has a huge 80’s vibe going on around it, it’s really refreshing to have that kind of reminiscing going on in this album. Let It Go, presents a more catchy/melodic approach to the music of Adrenaline Mob, while the song is quite relaxing, it unveils itself as the weak link in the album. Crystal Clear is a nice ballad that it gives a new character to the album, all thanks to the chameleonic voice of Allen, who keeps surprising with his change of tone between songs, which makes this album a landscape of color & texture.

House Of Lies, is musically speaking the most extreme song of this album, really fast, melodic and lyrically right to the point, You won’t get more gangster than this (you heard me 50 cents, Eminem & all the others, you don’t have nothing on the ‘New Don’s’) Judgement Day, gets on the progressive side of things, while it’s heavy and in the same line of the album. It does have a more structure sense in the musical spectrum. Fallin’ To Pieces has a bit of 90’s ballad nostalgia on it, really love the guitar sound on this that puts a blur line between an acoustic & electric sound (yes, I would love to hear this song totally acoustic)

I must say, that I wasn’t ready for what this album was, but at the end, I admit that I really like it. Especially the song Behind These Eyes, which I have been listening on my phone quite often. Overall is a good album, that deserves the attention beyond of who is in this band, or what they have done on the side. Adrenaline Mob, are without doubt the new bosses in town.



Mob Is Back
Come On Get Up
Dearly Departed
Behind These Eyes
Let It Go
Feel The Adrenaline
Men Of Honor
Crystal Clear
House Of Lies
Judgment Day
Fallin’ To Pieces

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Record Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 51 minutes

Line up:

Russell Allen – Vocals
Mike Orlando – Guitar
John Moyer – Bass
AJ Pero – Drums



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