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Adavant – Tale Untold (2011)


Since 2007 Adavant has created a name by themselves as one of the young bands with more projection in the Phoenix area. With a strong fan-base that is eager to scream each lyric and head bang as hard as they can at every show that the band plays, also Adavant had open for big international names in the scene like Alestorm, Ensiferum, Finntroll, and Epica. But is their talent what had taken them to share the stage with such bands. Now they had just release their first studio album Tale Untold is a whole ten track trip of pure symphonic folk metal that would make you head bang until you neck breaks.

Tale Untold is a well written album that would take you to scenarios of war and conquest, a perfect balance between adventure and music. The whole album is a ride of epic battles, war cry and victory celebrations. The production is good, is worth mention the great work of vocals and keyboards done on this album which makes you literally be there on the story. A great release full of epic songs that would take you literally to the battlefield, which in Adavant‘s case is the mosh pit.


1. What Makes a Legend

2. The Siege

3. Of Fate and Revelry

4. Voyage of the Vagrant Heart

5. Embers Forgotten

6. Treachery Under Flags of Peace

7. Ride of the Vengeful

8. Origins of Alliance

9. Upon the Proving Grounds

10. A Penny for the Folk, and a Jug for the Jig

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