May 08

ABSU’s Proscriptor McGovern talked with The Age of Metal



ABSU is an extreme metal band from Dallas, TX that decided they would hit up Tempe last week as part of their North American Connexus Conjuration 2013 tour. ABSU had been a big influence in the American black metal scene during the last 22 years. Their mythological occult metal style has been one to capture the metal fans attention.

Would you believe that in 22 years of existence this was ABSU‘s first time in Arizona? You heard right folks. Some favorite songs like Swords and Leather, Manannan, and Bron were played at the Rocky Point Cantina last Thursday night. Confusion set in when we heard a voice coming from the stage, yet no singer was present. Some moments later we realized that Proscriptor was doing the vocals from the drums the whole time! Quite the show indeed.

We were fortunate enough to chat with the head of the ABSU pack, Proscriptor McGovern. He shared information on the new ABSU album to be released at the end of 2013, We also talked about their lineup, and their current tour .


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