Oct 23

Absu – Abzu (2011)


As a transplant to Arizona from Dallas, TX, I am all too familiar with Absu. Their take on the black metal genre has always been familiar yet fresh at the same time. They’re also known for writing really involved lyrics – moreso than most black metal bands who focus on Satanic themes. It’s even better that they’re from my hometown. Their new album, Abzu, has recently come out and it’s their first album since 2009’s self titled Absu album. How does it measure up?
First off, this album will please both former Absu fans and newcomers to their mythological treachery. It speeds up the frenetic pace of their self-titled album by leaps and bounds. Unlike the last album, this album has much fewer songs on it. I feel as if that increases the quality of this release compared to the last one. Each song here goes at a breakneck pace and any breaks in the speed are few and far between. This is a perfect marriage of the more experimental black metal of today’s age and the old-school black metal of year’s past.

At the end of this release we have the centerpiece of this record, the Song for Ea. It’s segmented into six different unique sections. This is the longest song of their career. It’s an amazing song that combines all of what you expect from Absu in one track. It has all of the interludes, the fast stuff, and the really fast “I can’t even keep up!” stuff.
In closing, I offer this suggestion. If you listen to more left-field experimental black metal, listen to this album and enjoy it. Then get your friends who love their satanic black metal to listen to it. They’re likely to be on board. What a great album.

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