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Abrahel checks in with The Age Of Metal


Recently the Spanish black metal trio Abrahel visited the United States on their route back to Spain after a sucessful tour in Mexico and South America. We at The Age Of Metal had the chance to listen to their new EP Back From The Underworld, which is a 5 track disc loaded with pretty classic black metal sound. Without change the original sound but adding their own essence.

Abrahel achieved a pretty good sound that reflects the moment of the band, with songs like Sexual Slaughter and Nocturnal Wings the band let clear their intentions in the black metal scene, punished your ears and take your soul to the underworld. The track Existencia Maldita (Damned Existence) is an adaptation of some of the poems by Colombian poet and ocultist Hector Escobar Gutierrez to black metal, which makes this EP more darker and sinister. closing they present a tribute to Bathory with a cover of their famous song 13 Candles, which is well done intrumental and production wise.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with Incuberus (guitar and vocals) and Mythra (drums) about the EP, their experience in Mexico and South America and the future plans of the band, and this is what they told us:

What is Abrahel, and how it came to be?

You have a new EP out call Back From The Underwold, what can you tell us about it?

In the EP you include a song call Existencia Maldita (Damned Existence) based on the work of Colombian poet Hector Escobar Gutierrez. What is the importance of his work for Abrahel?

Recently Abrahel was on tour in South America and Mexico, how was the tour, and what was the best crowd?

After all this years playing black metal, how do you see the black metal scene? and what is Abrahel bringing to it?

What is next for Abrahel?

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