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The Age Of Metal is a Webzine dedicated to bring the most updated News, CD Reviews, Live Reviews and Interviews to the Metal scene. Our mission is to keep the mainstream and underground metal community updated on what is going on in the scene, and serve as a platform for new bands looking for exposure. You can contact us at:


The Age Of Metal Staff



Miguel Rozo  Director & Editor  

I been passionate about music, and specially metal since I was little, I been in bands, listened to hundreds of records, and assisted to hundreds of live shows. I am a Historian graduated of Arizona State University (ASU) in 2011, I did radio at ASU for about 2 years, and had a metal radio show called The Age Of Metal, which was my inspiration for this blog. During that time also had the chance to interview bands like Dream Theater, Kamelot, Primal Fear, Epica, Testament, Rotting Christ, Etc. I’ve reviewed records and formed a more critical opinion about the music industry and the artists involved on it.


Stephanie Jansen Writer
Tampa, FL
I’m a music journalist for the death metal community. I started getting into metal at around the age of nine, and have been discovering bands and attending concerts ever since. I was always into reading interviews, and being a writer from a young age I knew I could write better than the writers that were featured in the magazines. So far, I’ve met and did press for several of my favorite bands and met some incredible people. I love interviewing bands and writing articles for the metal community. I’m mainly into death metal, and Death is my favorite band. Some of my other favorite bands are: Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, The Faceless and Job for a Cowboy. Other than the work I do for the music industry, I’m a student working toward a Bachelor’s in English. I wish to pursue music journalism farther, and have it be one of the career paths I follow. When I’m not writing journalism or studying, I’m either getting tattooed, modeling, or spending time with my kitty CC.

Tony Jackson  Writer

I’ve been into metal and hard rock since I was a wee lad in high school.  It was then that I got my first taste of what metal music was all about, jamming to Megadeth – Rust In Piece endlessly.  At some point, I found my way to KASC, the radio station at Arizona State University and got involved with the metal department.  From there, I ended up hosting my own shows and eventually ran the department for several years.  In that time, I’ve discovered and met a countless number of bands.  I really should find a Swedish family to adopt me, as nearly all of my favorite bands come from there: Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, Meshuggah, Amon Amarth, to name a few.  In my spare time, I do awesome stuff for The Age of Metal and I still enjoy going to record stores. \m/


Jim Wilkinson Photographer/Writer

San Antonio, TX

Photographer, Musician, Lover of all things Metal. I got my first taste of what would eventually become the Genre Heavy Metal back in 1972 when the live version of Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple hit the airwaves of radio back then. This was followed by the discovery of Black Sabbath. From that point and onwards, I have been a lover of all things metal. 1974 was my first exposure to a certain Canadian band, called Rush. It was a fascination with the bass playing of Geddy Lee, who drove me to become a musician, and more specifically, a Bassist. From there, my love of metal and music in general grew. I’ll pretty much listen to anything that has a great beat and good harmonies. As for photography, I’ve always had a love for it. It’s just in the last few years that I’ve actually been able to afford decent equipment to allow me to learn and grow as a photographer. Via a mutual love of music, and the best Prog/Power metal festival in the US, Progpower USA, that I was able to hook up with Miguel Rozo (Founder of The Age Of Metal) to be brought on board as a staff member. There is no looking back, as we work towards the goal of creating one of the best metal related webzines in the US, and the world for that metal. Horns up!! \m/



Corri Christensen  

Armed with a sharp intuition and a relentless passion for metal. Years of raw, hands on experience in the field of photography have taught me to specialize in everything from capturing the moment while being drenched in GWAR blood to blocking the head kicks of flailing crowd surfers to get that shot.
Metal is what inspires me. Music that hits a point where you can feel it. A spark inside that makes you growl and nod your head as the sound lays waste to all else.


  1. Wow Someone else doing a Metal Radio/Podcast here in Phoenix!!! COOL! Your webzine is Kick ass!!!! I started mine Wreckage Metal Radio about a year and half ago. I wonder why Jackie Or Johnny never mentioned you guys to me. Anyways. Enjoy my show. I go pretty deep into it. No metalcore, and shy away from Black Metal. cuz I’m an old Metalhead…HAHAHAA!!!


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