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Aborted – Retrogore (2016)



Have you ever not listened to Aborted and felt like some maniac was gorging through an open wound. Are you not surprised that their new album Retrogore sounds like a power trip on meth and virgin blood? If you answered yes to the previous questions, then you should totally check out this album!

For this one, Aborted has once again frolicked in the guts and gore and sound clip nature of lovable brutal death metal glory. But even with the same ol’ stuff, they added in some new excitement, such as how songs can go from erratic to solemn. In short, you better get this monster of an album when it’s released on April 22!

The opening intro for the album is Dellamorte Dellamorte. What was once an upbeat and feel-good track turns sour real quick with a slowed down tempo and rapid breathing. This cuts right into the title track Retrogore. Compared to older Aborted material, this song embodies the more matured songwriting this band has. Each riff is slaying and vocalist Sven de Caluwé is butchering the whole track with his distinct vocals. While the track opens with insane rapidity, it deliberately slows down to where it’s stupid heavy. But then a solo overpowers the rest of the track, to where it ends on a brutal note.

A song like Whoremageddon proves Aborted makes death metal fun. While drummer Ken Bedene keeps the drumming dexterous, the riffing is more open and allows catchiness from the songs’ beginning to end. While Aborted is stupid brutal, all fans know they have fun. And with a name like Whoremageddon, c’mon.

Bit by Bit is one of the most monstrous songs on the album. The song starts off with Bela Lugosi’s notorious skinning alive quote from The Black Cat (1934). Then the rapid drumming and rough riffing start scraping your skin, well bit by bit. Everything is as sharp as a knife with this track, whether it’s the solos or the blast beats. In short, this song will surely reduce your sanity.

Coven of Ignorance is one of the most unique songs on the album. It will take longer for the typical Aborted fan to digest the open riffing, Sven’s jumpy vocalizing, the progressive writing, and the melodic solos. But it’s a solid track, This song from Aborted is unexpected, but it sure as hell works. But then the song ends with a quote from House during the episode “Everybody Dies” so Aborted hasn’t changed too much.

The album ends with In Avernus. While Aborted is a slaughtering band, this song is generally dark. There are no fancy solos and the song itself sounds like it’s tuned lower. While most Aborted songs punch you, this one makes you attentive for the ride. But you’re still hooked. Aborted took us on a detour to hell, so no matter how they did it they lead us to the destination. And this song, being so different from the rest, was a skillful addition to end the album.

I’m happy to say Retrogore is brutally delightful. Going from a seizure of solos to somber tones, Aborted keeps things as fresh as murder itself. Any Aborted fan will be pleased with this album. Because what fan doesn’t expect blast beats pounding into their skull, while their teeth are pulled and then being used as picks? All that can be said is Aborted stained the ground with blood once again. Oh, and every song is about poop.



1 Dellamorte Dellamorte
2 Retrogore
3 Cadaverous Collection
4 Whoremageddon
5 Termination Redux
6 Bit by Bit
7 Divine Impediment
8 Coven of Ignorance
9 The Mephitic Conundrum
10 Forged for Decrepitude
11 From Beyond (The Grave)
12 In Avernus

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Playing Time:  41 Minutes


Sven De Caluwe – Vocals
Mendel Bij De Leij – Guitar
Ian Jekelis – Guitar
Ken Bedene – Drums
JB Van der Wal – Bass


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