Apr 16

Aborted – Necrotic Manifesto (2014)



Imagine a world where the dead walk the earth. The streets are splattered with blood and carnage litters the ground. Hell, rose up and took over. The dead feed off the living, and the living feed off of the living. Humans only know murder and torture in this world. The world lay in waste, death and destruction, keeping its abominable control over humanity while nature slowly rots.

That’s what old Aborted sounds like. Their new album Necrotic Manifesto sounds like the description above; just add some necrophilia, maybe a few nuclear bombs, lots of dead babies, and maybe some crazy guys eating their own feces. In short, this new album is much more that we love about Aborted. And that much more consists of destruction, brutality, insanity, and shit that will blow your mind.

One of the major differences between this album and older material is that Aborted discovers a whole new realm of brutality, refraining from their previous grindy style and moving to a heavier and more versatile sound. This style I feel is influenced more from a combination between old school death metal and modern day technical death metal. This sound is embodied in the song The Extirpation Agenda where its vitality knocks you to the ground and the wrath of the intense soloing skullfucks you to the point of unconsciousness.

In a track like Chronicles of Detruncation you hear this influence in the rapid opening that transcends to a melodic chorus and finishes with a guitar solo and swift drumming. Purity of Perversion is a song where older Aborted and this new style are meshed perfectly. The aggression this track contains will hook you immediately. While you’re mesmerized the dexterous soloing creeps in, and punches you in the stomach. You’re left sore and bruised, but pretty goddamn stoked.

One main thing I noticed is that this album doesn’t have as many sound clips as their previous material did. The tracks from one of their older albums such as Engineering the Dead consisted primarily of tracks with sound clips; now this new one only has four songs with sound clips. Nonetheless, I would love to sit down and watch whatever these fucked up movies are that Aborted watches. Oh and Skinless can come, too.

I think Necrotic Manifesto is Aborted’s best album since The Archaic Abbatoir. Hell, I was thinking this album sounds like the fecal matter that would result from The Archaic Abbatoir eating Origin’s Antithesis; except it’s even more ruthless than that. In short, just get this album. I promise you that you’ll be shipped to a new dimension of rotting human remains and bloody carcasses.



1. Six Feet Of Foreplay
2. The Extirpation Agenda
3. Necrotic Manifesto
4. An Enumeration Of Cadavers
5. Your Entitlement Means Nothing
6. The Davidian Deceit
7. Coffin Upon Coffin
8. Chronicles Of Detruncation
9. Sade & Libertine Lunacy
10. Die Verzweiflung
11. Excremental Veracity
12. Purity Of Perversion
13. Of Dead Skin & Decay
14. Cenobites

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Century Media Records

Playing Time: 40 Minutes


Sven De Caluwé – Vocals
Mendel Bij De Leij – Guitar
Danny Tunker – Guitar
JB van der Wal – Bass
Ken Bedene – Drums



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