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Aborted – Global Flatline (2012)


Aborted - Global Flatline cover
It’s been four years since the last time Aborted dove inside your ears and shredded the grey matter formally known as your brain.  During that time, vocalist Sven de Caluwé and his wife, Miri Milman, recorded and released the second album from melo-death band, System Divide.  When band members go off and get involved with other projects, fans sometimes ponder how it will affect their primary band (I’m looking at you, Corey Taylor).  System Divide have a far less, let’s say, abrasive sound.  There are soaring female vocals and the music allows for space to take it in.  If you got a hold of Aborted’s Coronary Reconstruction EP, released January 2010, you got reassurance that Global Flatline is no compromise in any way, as three of the five songs from the EP make an appearance on the album.

The album starts with the title track that creeps and builds, before tearing open the floodgates.  The album is unrelenting with a constant barrage from de Caluwé as he seamlessly transitions from raspy screams to his trademark guttural roar that sounds as though he’s trying to vomit his colon.  Ex-Abigail Williams members, Mike Wilson on guitar and Ken Bedene on drums, sound as though they’ve been with the band for years; a testament to de Caluwé and his ability to construct a consistent sound, despite a revolving door of band members.  Throw in guest vocals from Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder), Jason Netherton (Misery Index), Julien Truchan (Benighted), and Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound), and you’re left with one killer album.

From start to finish, Global Flatline consumes you with manic riffs and pounding, jackhammer drumming.  You will get the occasional solo to snap you out of the coma you’ve been beaten into, but then the sonic fists start flying again.  The only times when the album shows you mercy and allows you to recover from the pummeling is the plodding, “Expurgation Euphoria” and the six-and-a-half minute closer, “Endstille.”  If it were possible to be buried and tossed around in a wave of rusty razor blades, this would be the soundtrack.

Track Listing:
1. “Omega Mortis”
2. “Global Flatline” *
3. “The Origin Of Disease” *
4. “Coronary Reconstruction” **
5. “Fecal Forgery”
6. “Of Scabs And Boils”
7. “Vermicular, Obscene, Obese”
8. “Expurgation Euphoria”
9. “From A Tepid Whiff” * **
10.”The Kallinger Theory”
11.”Our Father, Who Art Of Feces”
12.”Grime” * **

* Editor’s Choice Tracks
** From the Coronary Resurrection EP

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