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Abnormality – Mechanisms of Omniscience (2016)


Abnormality - Mechanisms of Omniscience

What’s death metal without melting faces? With all of the brutality and technicality behind Abnormality’s Mechanisms of Omniscience, there will sure be face melting. Death metal’s most insane modern band will blow listeners away with their debut Metal Blade Records release. With every face-punching riff, hard-hitting blast beats, and raw vocalizing you will be ripped to shreds. Every aspect of this album is as sharp as knives, making it one of the most brutal albums released this year. If you feel like submitting to one band in 2016, that band better be Abnormality.

Synthetic Pathogenesis will devour you. Starting internally, the blast beats and rapid riffing will course through your veins. The song will manifest itself fully when Mallika Sundaramurthy’s signature growls come in, completely succumbing you to decomposition. As the song continues, all of the brutality will slowly rot every piece of your body. You’ll fully be enveloped by the sickness when the soloing slams you down, unable to move. Abnormality’s distinctive brutality is intoxicating but won’t keep you alive for long. And this song proves it.

The title track Mechanisms of Omniscience is one of the most technical yet insane songs on this album. Beyond even the dexterity of the musicianship, it’s the sharpness of each member that’s striking. You can clearly hear the insanity of each riff, every drum part, and the bass rides alongside these elements. Mixed with Sundaramurthy’s vocals, this song is the embodiment of how a death metal song should sound: tactful and explosive.

At only two minutes, Catalyst of Metamorphosis is one of the most insane songs on the album. How so much technicality and aggression was able to be packed into one little song is mindblowing. As a listener, you’ll have to endure deep bass and drumming at its zenith. One of the charting characteristics of this band is Jay Blaisdell’s drumming, which shows his true skill in this song as he goes for complicated drum patterns while holding rapidity. Overall, even though Abnormality has been around for awhile this song proves the progression this band is going through.

The brutality behind the next song Vigilant Ignorance will punch you right in the face. Each riff is piercing will stab straight through your flesh. After Sundaramurthy’s ungodly tone kicks in with her chant “vigilant ignorance” the drums and guitars create ruination. A solo of utmost dexterity and melody is heard amongst the disparity of the drums violent enough to smack you down. After this part, each aspect of every member is amplified to end the song in an unforgettable conclusion.

If you thought this album has been hard-hitting and brutal, then the song Irreversible will be sure to strip you clean of your flesh. Right after the most insane drum intro, Sundaramurthy comes in grabbing you by your tongue and spitting some of the deepest growls she can muster. As the song continues you can’t help but be consumed by how intoxicating the riffing is, especially when matched with the swift drumming. But once you’ve reached your extent, the song ends abruptly and you’ll unable to comprehend what happened.

The brutality only strengthens with Hopeless Masses. The water becomes murky with riffing that hooks you by your brain and Sundaramurthy’s lows. Anyone who decides to plunge in these waters is immediately met with drums that blast like machine guns. You can easily become suffocated in the riffing and soloing. And Sundaramurthy sounds like a demon amongst these immoral influences. This song will surely be a favorite amongst the most masochistic.

Every aspect of Abnormality’s Mechanisms of Omniscience is jaw-dropping. With the combination of brutal and dexterous songwriting, Abnormality is the most rising death metal band today. Abnormality embodies from death metal is supposed to be: insane. Nothing overly technical and not too melodic. Just straight brutal. With their recent signing to Metal Blade Records, Abnormality is starting a new legacy that is truly unmerciful — Mechanisms of Omniscience is just the beginning.

abnormality (1)


1 Swam
2 Synthetic Pathogenesis
3 Mechanisms of Omnipresence
4 Catalyst of Metamorphosis
5 Vigilant Ignorance
6 Irreversible
7 Hopeless Masses
8 Assimilation
9 Cymatic Hallucinations
10 Consuming Infinity

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 39 Minutes



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