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Abiotic – Casuistry (2015)



Abiotic has never taken their music easily, meaning they never write their albums for the sake of simply writing music. With this second album, Abiotic forces you to open up your mind and explore the terrifying and hidden depths of your nightmares. Casuistry combines serpentine-like grooves intertwined with a vitiating monstrosity, forcing you to surrender to the madness. In short, prepare for complete defilement.

This album begins with Believe the Unseen. This first track introduces their evolved sound, progressing into an inhuman being filled with jazzy riffs and rapid brutality. Abiotic proves their growth as a band with improved dexterity perfectly mixed in with their signature aggression. This first smack of destruction is only the beginning of Abiotic’s violent awakening. This creation continues with the second song Reanimated Destruction. The growth of the original members is prevalent, but old Abiotic fans are forced to endure the wrath of new vocalist Travis Bartosek and drummer Brent Philips. This previous lifeless being was hooked up to the machine, electric volts of complex drum fills and sweeping solos is sent to the monster’s brainwaves that causes him to violently jolt to life.

Cast into the Depth’s was Abiotic’s introduction to their new material. This single plunges the listener headfirst into their horrifying trenches. Waves of shredding madness and shrieking terror suffocates you. The impact of the groovy bass body with the crushing storm of the piercing guitars will leave anyone lifeless. Yet, everyone is mesmerized by the bleak beauty that this frightening ordeal offers. The calm of this song is encompassed by melodic chords that soothe the listener. The combination of merciless composition with the drilling of ingenious musicianship is what gives this song its intoxicating nature.

A war wages on with Violent Scriptures. Guitarists John Matos and Matthew Mendez battle it out with adept rapidity, executing each riff and solo perfectly. Harsh gutturals and high shrieks continually explode in as loud as dynamite. Bassist Alex Vasquez sits on the sidelines preparing for his attack; his planning done precisely as bass pounds its way in. Drums constantly blast through each strike, making itself a destructive force. This fierce combat continues with Nightmares Of Your Conception. Though the swift vigor is still prevalent, melodic soloing and bass-lines duel it out for the ultimate win.

With the songs that are more progressive and flow naturally, other songs sound so heavy it’s filthy. The Absence of Purity goes right into hard-hitting gutturals melded with rough riffs. The combination of deep vocals and rapid picking sounds sludgy as the grime absorbs the violent high-pitched screams and technical guitar-work. Drums crunch their way through all of the debris, making their presence powerful. The next component of this insanity is the bass, as it makes itself known by overlaying dirty grooves. This pungent concoction is sure to leave the listener feeling vile yet satisfied.

Falling into Obscurity is extremely demented. It is hard to make sense of what’s happening with the belligerent pounding and adroit composition. Reality is waived as melody comes into the mix, but the torturous slaying of the instrumentals comes right back to haunt the listener. This song has no definition, and makes no sense. Yet any listener can’t help but feel compelled by its unparallel nature. The mind begins to make sense of the chaos in Molecular Rematerialization. This track has more melody along with the distortion. This potent drug has become a dangerous trip, and finding solitary ground amongst the odd time signatures has been impossible.

The song that ends this album is Drain. Deface. Abolish. It will surely suck the life of any listener. Its cruelty is unmatched as the smashing creation of guitars and drums will annihilate anyone in its wake. This sociopathic frenzy continues with the riffing experiencing exulting vigor. As the monster penetrates its victim, large jazz-influenced chords ooze out. They continue to glide out amongst the chaos, the intermingling of soloing animosity and bass fluidity. These two elements slowly dissipate, and that leads to the album’s conclusion.

It is impossible for a simple mind to comprehend the astounding nature that is Abiotic. With dexterity and genius, this band successfully created their army. With this band’s constant evolving, they have proved to become an unstoppable force. The release of Casuistry is only the beginning. Join in the fight by questioning everything.

5 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★★



1. Believe the Unseen
2. Reanimated Destruction
3. Cast into the Depths
4. Violent Scriptures
5. Nightmares of Your Conception
6. The Absence of Purity
7. Falling into Obscurity
8. Molecular Rematerialization
9. Drain. Deface. Abolish.

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Record Label: Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 34 Minutes


Travis Bartosek – Vocals
John Matos – Guitars
Matthew Mendez – Guitars
Alex Vasquez – Bass
Brent Philips – Drums


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