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Abigail Williams – Becoming (2012)


If you’ve been around Arizona’s metal scene in the last few years, then you’ve probably heard of, if not heard Abigail Williams. This past Tuesday marked the release of their third full-length album with Candlelight Records. Becoming marks a new leg of the journey for this three-piece ensemble from Phoenix, Arizona.

Since the band’s 2005 inception, they have seen many changes from band mates to home states, and with that comes a change in their sound; and Becoming is no different. From the first song on the album, “Ascension Sickness,” there is a clear difference from their previous albums. They start off with a soft & slow crescendo building into the sound that they have become known for. What is great about the sound in this song is the clear madrigal drawn from the title as the song “ascends.” This sound clearly draws upon one of their major influences, Enslaved. The orchestration, while not used in every song on this six-track album, is a prevalent theme through out, as the vocals never over power the instruments, something very common with actual orchestrated pieces. “Beyond The Veil,” is definitely my most liked song on the album due to the beautiful, folk-y violin opening and the gentle build over the main melody as the guitars pick up. Becoming is a much slower album that Abigail William’s previous two albums In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns and In The Absence of Light, yet the band never loses a sense of energy or motion throughout Becoming. The pensive atmosphere of the album is energized in a way different from their previous albums and pushes the band more so into the black metal category than before. 

Abigail Williams, despite all the changes and progression, they still keep their core sound that is characteristic of the band. Even though they have since moved their home base to Los Angles, they are still one of our own. Becoming marks a new chapter in the life of Abigail Williams, as they now delve into a new sound that makes them akin to Wolves in the Throne Room. I know many people have written them off in the past, but Becoming marks the start of a new sound that deserves a listening to.

 Becoming (2012)– Abigail Williams Track List:

1. Ascension Sickness

2. Radiance

3. Elestal

4. Infinite Fields Of Mind

5. Three Days Of Darkness

6. Beyond The Veil *

*Personal Favorites (:


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