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Abbath discussed his new album & the Decibel Magazine Tour 2016



Since his announce of going on solo last year, Abbath (Immortal‘s former frontman) has caused a worldwide shake in the black metal establishment, as he not only presented his new band at the famous Tuska Festival in Finland, but throughout the year he has dropped hints of his new self-titled album Abbath which was released last January. 

The album which could be considered a fresh mix of his work at Immortal and his first solo project I, it has his signature guitar style and vocal tone written all over. So this album is not a continuation of the Immortal or the I path he developed on those bands, but an evolution towards what Abbath‘s music is for 2016. Tracks like Ashes of The Damned, Winterbane, or Fenrir Hunts are few of the samples from the new Abbath album that are an indication of how Abbath himself have developed and moved on from his past projects. His stage persona is the only thing that remains from those times.


Last Friday Abbath returned to the greater Phoenix area after a 14 years absence since that Manowar/Immortal/Catastrophic show at the old Cajun House on May 7, 2002. Abbath came back this time as the headliner for the 5th edition of the Decibel Magazine tour that this year also features Tribulation, Skeletonwitch and High On Fire. The whole package was interesting as it caused fragmented reactions on the crowd as Tribulation was for many the surprise of the night, Skeletonwitch was absolutely amazing live as they presented their new vocalist Adam Clemans who pretty much obliterate any shadow of a doubt about his capabilities to front he band, and delivered an energetic and heavy as fuck set. High on Fire got an overwhelming reception that set the tone for Abbath‘s performance.


I personally have never seen Abbath neither with I or Immortal, but his live show at the Livewire was absolutely fucking amazing, his stage persona is what everyone can recall from the guy’s musical past, but the execution of the new songs live specially Winterbane, Root of the Mountain and Ashes of the Damned, for many the great surprised were not the Immortal parts of the set, but the inclusion of Warriors from the I album, which got an amazing response from the crowd.


Of course listening to songs like Nebular Ravens Winter, Solarfall, or One By One from the Immortal days in their live setting was a unique experience for many of us, it was a nice trip down to memory lane. But overall Abbath‘s performance was his own and that is what this tour reflects, his very own way to continuing making music, or what he calls Rock N Roll.

After the show in the rawest fashion way possible, we had a one on one chat with Abbath just as he got off stage, which was not only natural but interesting as well. We talked about the tour, the new album, the new band members, he weights on his reputation on the internet and what is next for his musical career.

Photos: Abbath at Livewire (Scottsdale, AZ 03/25/16)


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