May 29

A Pale Horse Named Death – Lay My Soul to Waste (2013)


A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul To Waste PRINT

A Pale Horse Named Death is the morbid child of Sal Abruscato. Comprised of other former Type O Negative members Johnny Kelly and Eddie Heedles, along with Matt Brown of Seventh Void and Uranium 235, one may think this is a “super group.” In reality, this is the blueprint of the brain of Abruscato. Combining deranged lyrics with a ghastly yet catchy sound, this is a band who expects their listeners to excavate all of their demons out and to bask in the darkness. The band describes their music as, “the sound of your bones being crushed.” With their sophomore release, Lay my Soul to Waste, they will definitely annihilate every bone in your body, and much more.

My favorite song is Shallow Grave. This song sticks with you like a rancid taste in your mouth, and will forever encircle your brain. The lyrics are about killing a former lover, which Abruscato states “any angry ex would appreciate.” I can definitely agree. I have an ex-boyfriend, or two, who I would love to punch in the face. Another interesting song is Devil Came with a Smile. The lyricism revolves around the controversy within the music industry, and the false ideal of a “rock star”. Me being a stereotypical journalist, these debatable topics intrigue me. Another appealing track is DMSLT. The chorus hits listeners hard: “it doesn’t make sense living today/doesn’t even matter if you pray/I just want to lay here and let myselfdie.” Anyone currently or previously suffering with mental illness can elaborate on these times; hating themselves for who they are, for what they think and wishing it would all just end.

There are a few qualities about this album I don’t really care for. The most is that the sound is repetitive. This is a band that focuses more on the lyricism and the feel of the music rather than intricate composition, but maybe I’m way too much of a death metal fan for my own good. I also don’t dig gothic/alternative stuff too much. This is obviously way too malignant for the radio, but nonetheless it took me several listens to appreciate. But even with these features, I can respect these men in Pale Horse for their warped mindset in writing music.

I think we were all surprised about this band. Abruscato came out of his hiding spot behind his kit and now fronts this monstrous music group. With low cleans mixed with fierce growls, he definitely has a knack to marvel his listeners. The lyrical theme is what stands out above anything. Fans can appreciate the lyrics about torment, the resenting narrators and almost fantasy element of horror embedded in these songs. The fact that they’re so interesting will give listeners some amusement out of all the gloominess.

A Pale Horse Named Death stunned listeners and broke barriers once again with this new release. Their dismal insanity is horrendous yet captivating. They created a black abyss that one will surely find intoxicating. You will be conformed to their darkness, allowing it to engulf every inch of your existence. It’s a lot better than it sounds. Just make sure you don’t sink so deep to where you can’t find your way out.



1. Lay my Soul to Waste
2. Shallow Grave
3. The Needle in You
4. In the Sleeping Death
5. Killer by Night6. Growing Old
7. Dead of Winter
8. Devil Came with a Smile
9. Day of the Storm
11. Cold Dark Mourning

Genre: Hard Rock/Gothic Metal/Alternative

Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Playing Time: 46 Minutes


Sal Abruscato – Vocals & guitars
Matt Brown – Guitars & backing vocals
Johnny Kelly – Drums
Dave Bizzigotti – Bass guitar
Eddie Heedles – Guitars


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