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70,000 tons of Metal Recap: Day 4



Well all good things must come to an end… even the world’s biggest heavy metal cruise. Sunday January 25th, 2015, the last full day aboard the Liberty of the Seas, did not disappoint either closing the event with a full day of shows, clinics, and events.

This has to be the day that I have the most regrets, being a bit war-torn from the previous night’s adventures; i missed out on the Belly Flop contest and Christian Vidal’s of Therion guitar clinic just to name two. The afternoon was filled with other clinics though so if you wanted to learn something or just simply be reminded of the talent of the musicians you have been boozing it up with the last three days it was the perfect opportunity for that. Christian kicked off the sessions, but he was followed by the absolutely mutant John Longstreth of Origin, and Cronos of Venom.Therion-12

Sunday was the day to catch the band’s you missed on Day 1 playing out on the open pool deck like Therion, Alestorm, and Annihilator. The day however had one absolute “must see” event.  Pretty early in the afternoon, wisely scheduled to catch everyone before they started drinking too heavily, “Jamming with Waters in International Waters” took over the Platinum Theater.  Jeff Waters led a jam session of classic heavy metal and rock hits with over 50 musicians.  The members rotated in and out creating interesting and entertaining combinations. I’ll just put it simply… Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) singing Black Sabbath.


After Annihilator’s Pool deck, set both The Skipper and Andy Piller made their official address to the passengers. First, The Skipper gave his thanks and appreciation for the respect and courtesy that the metal crowd had shown the ship’s crew and staff. Andy Piller, the event’s creator, announced that next year’s event will happen the second week of February instead.  Obviously there are some concerns about ticket sales, but the event has a 60% repeat customer rate.  However, the event helps unite an international metal family.  The passengers’ of 70,000 tons of metal are truly the “United Nations Of Heavy Metal” representing 70 different countries. With this being my first time attending, I know that I am hooked and already plotting for next year.

Photo credit: Kabo Photografix

Photo credit: Kabo Photografix

Even though Andy andThe Skipper did a great job at reminding us of the inevitable conclusion was swift approaching… I reminded myself that I had a Foster’s to chug and a Municipal Waste circle pit to jump into.

Pictures: Therion, In Extremo, Amorphis


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