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70000 Tons of Metal 2017 – Day 2

It begins! Our first full metal day at sea, starting off with a breakfast in the Windjammer, of course, to fuel up before all the metal madness starts. Considering the daily lineup, it would be a hasty day for me scrambling between the Pool Deck and Alhambra Theater nearly all day long. Starting off the day to wake up the right way with Orden Ogan in the Alhambra. The crowd was very into this admired German band, singing along and cheering about to their great combination of power and folk metal. Soon thereafter, it was time to grab a drink and move on to the Pool Deck to go check out Saltatio Mortis!

The Pool Deck is arguably the best stage to see any band to their fullest outdoors in the middle of the sea with a nice (or sometimes not so nice) cool ocean breeze (depending on the weather conditions of course). And with the surroundings of a hot tub mosh pit plus 2 levels of metalheads encompassing the area of what would normally be a large pool on the top of the boat, what more could you ask for? In addition, a band like Saltatio Mortis I couldn’t think of a better stage for them to perform on. Very high energy and fun to watch, they knew just how to get the crowd going on the first day of the Pool Deck’s grand opening. Bagpipes in full throttle and hurdy-gurdy rolling, I don’t think anyone in the band stood still for more than just a few moments but it was definitely a show to remember. 
Now I was headed back inside to the Alhambra theater to catch the rest of the mesmerizing band from Israel, Orphaned Land. Luckily I got there just in time to watch the singer attempt to dance alongside their beautiful belly dancer on stage but needless to say I think she was a little bit better, but hey, he tried. After being consumed by the music and performance of Orphaned Land it was time to head down to Studio B to catch Powerglove for the first time ever on 70k.
Patiently awaiting the show, I was surprised to learn that bassist Nick Alva was unable to head out on our journey at sea due to being very sick. However, in place of Nick, they had a temporary bassist who had less than 24 hours to learn their music before he was thrown on stage. I couldn’t imagine trying to learn that many complex songs in less than one day. Despite minor setbacks they put on the inspiring Powerglove performance that I know with the crowd fully immersed in every song, Russian dancing, fighting each other with inflatable swords and even a stage diving Mario. Eventually, the time did come to an end and it was time to run back to the Alhambra theater to catch Xandria.
Just in time for Xandria to put on a graceful and stylish performance in the theater, it was definitely a show to attend. Filled with emotion and excitement all at the same time Xandria is always putting in their all for a great concert and engaging audience in each song. I’ve always personally enjoyed their music and seeing them live is everything a fan would hope for. Of course, that was only one of the many great bands to play on this stage of the day, leaving it up to the mighty Therion to take over the Alhambra next!
 I decided to swing by the bar quickly to grab a drink to prepare myself for one of my personal favorites to tear up the stage next. Anticipating Therion’s appearance, soon enough the lights went out when the sound of “Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah” projected through the speakers, filling the theater with cheers of pleasure to give Therion a warm welcome back onto the ship since their performance back in 70k in 2012. I was incredibly thrilled and grateful to see them back on the boat, and despite Christopher Johnsson’s condition, he was still willing to play for 3,000 metalheads on this boat. It was a very honorable and emotional experience and I was, of course, determined to catch their second show on day 4.
After the set from Therion, I had some time to grab a bite to eat and recharge my batteries (quite literally) before the next set which would be Kamelot once again in the Alhambra theater. But before all of that, I had to squeeze in a quick meet and greet from the one and only Therion since it was the official meet and greet day on the boat. Such a pleasure to personally meet and thank them for coming out to this festival of the sea for the second time. Soon I was on my way over to Kamelot, which again was another band who had played back in 2012 now this time with the official Tommy Karevik on vocals (2012 Fabio Lione was the temporary singer). Kamelot was welcomed to the stage with a very packed theater and anticipating audience. As a Kamelot fan, I knew that Elize Ryd of Amaranthe and Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy have been guest singers in a few of their songs and coincidentally just so happened to be in the same boat at this time (literally). I patiently waited to see if the foreshadowing circumstances would come to a reality, and soon enough my hopes became true! Such a fantastic surprise for everyone and boundless show until the very end.
For the next band, I have been waiting for many years to see live but have never had the chance to do so, Draconian. Thankfully, it just so happened that they would also be playing in the Alhambra theater, so I was determined to keep my spot up front for this special occasion. It almost seemed like the sound check lasted forever although they were ahead of schedule, I was just being anxious and slightly impatient I guess. At last, the show began with the moment I had only dreamed about finally here. The unique and heavy sounds of gothic/melodic/doom metal from this band are always something I had admired about this band and has always had a great influence on my personal music selection. The finale of the set had come and it was time for me to get some well-deserved food for the next round at the pool deck.  

It was around 3:15 am and using my pizza and coffee induced fuel to stay awake for the next few hours I was able to catch Omnium Gatherum at the pool stage. The small gathering of people in front of center stage grew slowly as the band came out to play with their intense energy and soon enough there was a circle of people waltzing around making a pit. Though it was now nearly 4 am the crowd kept security busy with wave after wave of crowd surfers flying overhead to the technical guitar solos and reverberating drum beats. Once the show had wrapped up I swiftly made it back to the cabin for a nice shower and rest eagerly for the next day to be just as remarkable.



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