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70000 Tons of Metal 2016 – Day 2 Recap



Day 2:

After a long day of boarding, live shows, and drinking, we started day 2 with sad news as the pool stage was still unfinished and Visions Of Atlantis got their show canceled, with that sad note in mind we decided to get brunch and kickstart the drinking day.

Around noon, we head out to the Alhambra Theater to check out Colombian death metal band No Raza, who we already have seen live and had a chat last year when they came through AZ during their first US tour. They slayed live and delivered a brutal show that was in a good part composed of songs like Evil’s Seed, Corderos Al Abismo and Debil Hombre from their new album When Chaos Reigns. – This was a band I never heard of, and being a death metal fan, Miguel urged me to check out his Colombian homies. South America really does know how to bring out the brutal! It was good to hear good things about these young Colombian death metallers all that way through the end of the cruise.

Next up was a band that we were really excited to see, we are talking about Susperia, a melodic death metal from Norway that totally owned the Studio B, even though it was their first time playing on this side of the world, they got a lot of fans filling up the venue, and their set was really impressive, it was interesting to see how many people among the crowd were familiar with their lyrics, overall a great band to see live.

Continuing in the Norwegian trail, we decided to check out black metal band Tsjuder at the Alhambra, who came out with a traditional Norwegian black metal outfit of corpse paint and spiked boots. This is another band that hardly plays the States, so to see the ship turn grim was exceptional. They delivered a punching and raw black metal assault really full of dark lyrics that definitely left more than one black metal fan aboard the ship with a smile.


After that black metal discharge we went back to the Alhambra theater to check out the Portuguese gothic maestros of Moonspell who for this set had a nice surprise for us, as they performed the whole Irreligious album from beginning to end including the nice surprise of having Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania) doing a duet with Fernando for the song Raven Claws. There are not enough words to describe how emotive and powerful was this show, not only they played one of their most iconic records (along with Wolfheart), but they also received a full theater that sang along each with each of those songs. Most definitely this was one of the best shows that the cruise had to offer.


While going up to the pool deck, we were trying to figure out how to top what we just saw, until we were in front of the Templars of metal, Hammerfall, Who after 5 years of absence from playing on this part of the Atlantic, they were about to let the hammer fall upon the Independence of the Seas. and what a show, they came and they conquered with songs from their new album (r)EVOLUTION, classics from Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, Renegade, Crimson Thunder, Legacy of Kings, and No Sacrifice No Victory.

At this point and after those two amazing show we were more pumped out for another of the exclusive bands aboard 70000 Tons this year. Not every day you get to see one of the pioneers of old school death metal. Bloodbath embodies that and much more. we were only able to catch the first three songs since we had some interviews scheduled, but the intensity of the band was unmatched. They opened the show with Let the Stillborn Come to Me and the new album Grand Morbid Funeral never sounded better! It was also funny, the night before hearing Katatonia’s pretty music and then seeing those guys decked out in fake blood just a day after! We caught their whole set on Sunday night, so we’ll discuss more of their full set on Day 4.

After Bloodbath and due to interviews schedule conflict (oh yes, we have some real exclusives coming up) we sadly missed out My Dying Bride, Stratovarius, and Epica’s first sets.

After getting some food & drinks into our system, we got back to schedule kicking off the night with Eluveitie, who delivered an amazing folk metal performance regardless of their bass player was not able to accompany the band aboard 70000 Tons, luckily for them, Snæbjörn Ragnarsson of Skálmöld was there to help them out. They played a mixture of songs from; Slania, Evocation I, Everything Remains, Origins, and Helvetios. One of the things that surprise us the most was the growling vocals coming from Anna Murphy’s vocal chords, she was on fire. Without a doubt this one goes down as one of the most epic shows we saw Eluveitie perform live.


After Eluveitie we decided to go up to the pool deck for some drinks, once there we came across with the guys of Fallujah and Delain with whom we spend the rest of the night drinking and watching shows. We got to see Cradle Of Filth on the pool deck, Children Of Bodom at the theater, Paradise Lost delivering one of the most heart feeling shows at the pool deck, and to close up the night we witnessed Samael playing one of the most energetic and powerful shows of the entire weekend at the Studio B (unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of it, as we were there just enjoying their set). After all, that we decided to have pizza at 3 am and just hanging out with some friends and fellow cruisers.

After several drinks and lots of fun, the last band of the night was Ghoul. What a better way to end the night with one of the most entertaining, brutal and funny bands on the cruise? This is a band we didn’t bother photographing since, well even that photo pit was a monster! Standing at a safe distance away, we saw characters in masks and costumes playing some of the crustiest material that can be offered. Other characters in costume emerged, some of them I didn’t even recognize! The crowd was eating the whole thing up, and the whole pit was moving. There were times I didn’t lift my head up since I couldn’t stop headbanging! They were definitely a top band for us on the cruise.




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