Sep 27

Helena & Scarlett of Eklipse talked with The Age Of Metal

HAMMERFALL - (r)Evolution


Symphonic music is only associated with metal when it gets mixed with heavy guitars, dense keyboards or beauty & the beast vocals (growling vocals+female clean vocals), But when a band breaks that tradition, and their mere music, their stage presence, and beauty is added to a heavy metal tour, that band must be doing something right.

In the case of German female string quartet Eklipse (Miss E and Scarlett in Violin, Viola in Viola, and Helena in Cello), their talents and stage presence had taken them from be the opening act for Nightwish in Europe, signed a deal with The End Records, and currently touring for their first time the USA with prog/power metal titans Kamelot. Now, the band had only recorded two studio albums (A Night In Strings, Electric Air) with covers of pop and rock songs, and Movie Soundtracks arranged for strings, which in some cases they sounds way more appealing than their original versions.

Last Saturday I traveled to Anaheim,CA to see them play at The Grove of Anaheim. The venue was filled with metalhead waiting for Kamelot & Delain, but as an opening act, the ladies of Eklipse owned that stage from the first notes of Teardrops (by Massive Attack) to the closing notes of Sweet Dreams (by Eurythmics). I remember the only moments I heard the crowd cheered and clapped was after each song was finished, it was like a classical concert within a metalhead environment, totally unexpected.

Their set was composed by Teardrop (by Massive Attack), Assassins Creed (Original Game Soundtrack), Set Fire To The Rain (by Adele), Where The Wild Roses Grow (by Nick Cave), Cry Me A River (by Justin Timberlake), You Spin Me Right Around (by Dead Or Alive), and Sweet Dreams (By Eurythmics). Regardless of how short their set was, they added something different to the night. I was mesmerized by the Assassins Creed cover, and how breathtaking that piece live as in CD.

Before their show I had the pleasure to seat and chat with Helena (Cello) and Scarlett (Violin) of Eklipse. We talked about the tour, their music, their incursion into the metal world, and the reception of the public to their music.



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