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Interview with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore


On Wednesday February 21st, Goatwhore came to Arizona along with Hate Eternal, and Fallujah.  They played out in Tempe at a little venue that’s well-known as The ClubhouseGoatwhore was set to play at 10:25 pm that night after Hate Eternal.  Anticipation awaited as they finally got on stage.  In intense Goatwhore manner the band was incredible as ever.  Their set list was pretty diverse with new songs off the album “Blood For the Master,” along with a mix of other songs.  They kicked things off with Collapse in Eternal Worth, Provoking The Ritual Of Death, The Black Art of Deception, In Deathless Tradition, Carving out the Eyes of God, Sky Inferno, Alchemy of The Black Sun Cult, The All-Destroying, When Steel and Bone Meet, Judgement of The Bleeding Crown, Invert the Virgin, Commanding The Legions of Hell, To Mourn and Forever Wander, An End To nothing and Apocalyptic Havoc.
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Xandria – Neverworld’s End (2012)

Talking about Xandria is talk about one of the most enduring institutions in gothic metal history since their foundation in 2003, the band is well-known for their albums Ravenheart (2004) and India (2005) these records not only put the name of Xandria on the international metal scene, but also added an extra mile to the gothic metal scene of the time. In 2012 Xandria returns after a silence of four years with a new album, a new front woman, and a new label. Neverworld’s End is the result of those four years of work and perseverance.
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Stu Block from Iced Earth Talks to The Age of Metal

When I first heard that Stu Block was recruited into Iced Earth, I was shocked and confused, not because Stu Block is an awful vocalist (far from it), but I couldn’t think of anyone that could take Matt Barlow’s place.
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Hellsaw – Trist (2012)

Austrian Black Metal Band Hellsaw is back with their latest release “Trist.”  Currently signed with Napalm Records their new album Trist is composed of 9 tracks.  The band was formed back in 2002; current members are Aries (Vocals), Malthus (Guitars), Isiul (Guitars), Desderoth (Bass), and Neuroticon (Drums).
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Interview with John Kevill of Warbringer

Warbringer is currently on tour opening for Symphony X and Iced Earth.  The concert was a home show for the band from Los Angeles, California at Club Nokia.  The Age of Metal was able to attend and enjoy the spectacular show.  Seeing Warbringer on a big stage compared to the venues they usually play in Arizona was an awesome experience.
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Cannibal Corpse – Torture (2012)


The all mighty legendary death metal classic band non other than Cannibal Corpse has released their 12th studio album “Torture,” through Metal Blade Records. The album was once again produced by Hate Eternal‘s Erik Rutan at his own Mana Recording Studio. Every fan has been waiting in anticipation for the new album after their last release was back in 2009 which was “Evisceration Plague.”  Cannibal Corpse was formed in 1988 and since then evolved into one of the most recognizable most influential death metal bands in history.  They have produced 11 studio albums every which one of them have been greatly successful.  Their fan base has grown over the years and they have made a big impact in metal history.  Everyone knows who Cannibal Corpse is in the metal community you can’t say their name without thinking about how brutal and intense they are.  This legendary band has some of the most incredible musicians which consist of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher whose vocals are unique and nothing short but brutal, Alex Webster who is one of the most amazing bassist ever, Paul Mazurkiewicz the machine behind the band (drums), Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett both on guitar; who come up with the most insane guitar solos you can ever imagine.  These 5 amazing individuals make up the monumental band we know as CANNIBAL CORPSE.
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Motörhead brought back the Rock and Roll to Phoenix, AZ

Last time Motörhead came to town last year promoting their latest record The World Is Yours. I was unable to see them, so when Gigantour 2012 rolled into town last Saturday February 25th I wasn’t going to miss them this time around. I got to the Comerica Theater in Downtown Phoenix around 6:30 pm right on time to catch Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil who opened the show, follow by Danish metal band Volbeat. After seeing the European quota of the tour I was ready for some rock and roll.
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Michael Romeo of Symphony X talks to The Age Of Metal

Last Saturday February 18th 2012, part of the crew of The Age Of Metal traveled to Los Angeles CA for the Symphony X, Iced Earth and Warbringer show at Club Nokia. This happened because unfortunately the tour didn’t have a date in Arizona this time around, also we needed an excuse to get out of town for the weekend.
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The Age of Metal talks with Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie.

Seeing Eluveitie live is something magical, maybe its the folk atmosphere that they bring but Eluveitie is a great band to see live. Right around 9 o clock, the lights dimmed and the show began. After a minute or so of the intro, the band came in full blast. The setlist seemed somewhat small but were on the heavy side as almost none of the soft songs like in Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion were played. A good amount from Helvetios with songs like Havoc, Meet the Enemy and even The Seige saw action onstage. The show ended with the fan-favourite Inis Mona, a classic ender for Eluveitie. Overall the band played great and the crowd responded positively towards them with not one hiccup present throughout the whole.

Before Eluveitie came on stage at the Marquee Theater on the 15th of February, we were able to speak with the founder and frontman Chrigel. We spoke of the current tour and how the crowd responded so far to them, their time spent on the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise tour, the new record and how was it compared to the other albums recording-wise, and of all things Gaulish.

Check out our video interview below!

Eluveitie – Helvetios (2012)

During the campaign of than Roman General Julius Caesar in 58 BC he was met with a Celtic tribe known as the Helvetii who lived in what is known as Helvetia or modern-day Switzerland. Folk-metal band Eluveitie (pronounced El-Vey-Ti) hail from this region and have released their fifth studio album Helvetios and is their fourth under Nuclear Blast. Eluveitie was formed as a studio project by Chrigel Glanzmann but decided to make it a full fledge band consisting of 10 members but dwindled down to 8 members over time.

With Helvetios, Eluveitie has crafted yet another album chock full of metal mixed with folk melodies and instruments. Helvetios is a full concept album and is the first for Eluveitie. It deals with the Gaulish Wars of the Roman Empire from the perspective of the Gaulish people and more specifically of those from the Helvetia region. The album starts with Prologue and is exactly what it sounds like, where we get spoken word monologue of a man describing a scenery of war and death. When the title track hits the listener is bombarded with a catchy folk melody thanks in part to the use of real folk instruments like the hurdy gurdy, flutes, and all other assortments. One of the things Eluveitie does best is mixing Gothenburg-era Melodic Death Metal reminiscing of bands like say Dark Tranquillity with folk instruments like fellow folk brethren Korpiklaani. Songs like The Seige or Meet the Enemy shows the juxtaposition between the two genres and Eluveitie able to blend the two seamlessly without sounding overbearing.

As compared to their other works Helvetios seems like a continuation of their sound from their last album Everything Remains (As It Never Was). One difference is the rawness of Chrigel’s growls where it can be seen in songs like The Uprising. Anna Murphy’s vocals has always been unique as compared to other female vocalists and Helvetios is no exception where songs like A Rose For Epona we see the band strip down the intensity a bit and let Anna’s vocal take charge for the majority of the song. Then there is songs like The Siege where Anna uses a bloodcurdling scream in a few sections giving the song much more depth and intensity. The guitars seem on Helvetios to be more complex this time around where the riffs are much memorable and pushed more into the front balancing out the folk instruments and complementing them.

Despite some subtle changes in Helvetios, Eluveitie does suffer from blandness at times, this however is very common in Folk-metal as the genre doesn’t give much room for innovation and therefore not a big deal for fans of the genre. Helvetios is a great album and marks Eluveitie as one of the premier bands of the genre.

Helvetios’ track listing:

01. Prologue
02. Helvetios
03. Luxtos
04. Home
05. Santonian Shores
06. Scorched Earth
07. Meet The Enemy
08. Neverland
09. A Rose For Epona
10. Havoc
11. The Uprising
12. Hope
13. The Siege
14. Alesia
15. Tullianum
16. Uxellodunon
17. Epilogue