Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 23

Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties EP (2011)

Kai Haisen’s mega monster Gamma Ray returns with what we can call an update in what the band is doing now, a mini album composed by four tracks a bonus track and three different song versions, Skeletons and Majesties show the progress of Gamma Ray without leaving of course their power metal pioneers signature that …

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May 22

Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland (2011)

The Arsonists returned with Motherland a more mature album that its predecessor Portals, and the changes are significative. With the inclusion of more keyboards in a continuing experimental process that its beginning to give fruits. Motherland is their sophomore album with Century Media and a new chapter in AGATG career, with a more technical approach …

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May 19

HELL-Human Remains (2011) If Dante’s Divine Comedy would ever have a soundtrack, the Inferno chapter would be dedicated to the entire Human Remains album by British NWOHM band HELL. They rocked hard back in the 80’s but with the falling apart of their label and the suicide of their original guitar player and singer David Halliday the …

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May 14

Russell Allen of Symphony X checked in with The Age Of Metal

It had been 3 years since last time I saw Symphony X, and that time they blew my mind, so this time I was very curious about their new material, plus by the time the announcement of the tour happened it also included Nevermore and Soilwork, but they dropped out of the tour unfortunately letting …

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May 09

Sabaton talked to The Age Of Metal

On May 3rd the Clubhouse in Tempe AZ became a war zone, as Swedish metallers Sabaton unleashed all their artillery at the venue during their second headline show in their first North American tour, there a handful full of brave soldiers sung along their favorite warfare tunes interpreted by the band. Their show was amazing, …

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May 01

Leaves Eyes – Meredead (2011)

Achieve epicness¬†and beauty in an album is not easy these days, but Leaves Eyes have done it. Meredead can be considered the most epic album that the band had put out so far, opening with Spirit’s Masquerade a song which sound and structure transports you to a fantasy land, followed by Etain a track that …

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