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Midnattsol – The Metamorphosis Melody (2011)

After 3 years of absence Norwegian folk metal band Midnattsol returns with The Metamorphosis Melody, an impressive and powerful album that presents a more mature band, and a step forward in the definition of their own sound, more epic than Nordlys (2008) their previous album. But in my opinion a trip to the roots of the band that reminiscences to Where the Twilight Dwells (2003).

The content in The Metamorphosis Melody does not change at all pure nordic folk metal straight in your face, the symphonic parts sync perfectly with Carmen Espenaes’s voice. An the excellent work in guitars and bass guitar that gave the album some flirt with progressive elements which elevate the album to a higher level, tracks like A Poet’s Prayer, Kong Valemons Kamp and Forvandlingen are examples of that. While tracks like Goodbye and The Tide keep the folk component in a semi acoustic manner which provide the perfect balance to the album.

Midnattsol with The Metamorphosis Melody indeed presents an honest proposal, that keep their sound growing and maturing while making use of vanguard sounds. It is a great album and a melodic experience that states why the band has won international recognition and a place in today’s metal scene.

Power tracks: A Poet’s Prayer, Kong Valemons Kamp, Forvandlingen, Spellbound

Slow Tracks: Goodbye, The Tide keep, The Re-Creation


01. Alv 01:45
02. The Metamorphosis Melody 05:52
03. Spellbound 05:23
04. The Tide 05:16
05. A Poet’s Prayer 05:31
06. Forlorn 04:49
07. Kong Valemons Kamp 06:34
08. Goodbye 03:31
09. Forvandlingen 06:53
10. Motets Makt 05:21
11. My Re-Creation 05:24



Andre Matos of Symfonia talked to The Age Of Metal

Andre Matos has been one of the most charismatic and hard-working power metal singers in the last decade. Since his works with Angra, Shaaman & his solo career he had achieve international recognition, that talent also took him to work with the likes of Tobias Sammet in his all-stars band Avantasia during the band’s world tour in 2008.

But currently Andre Matos joined forces with Timo Tolki (ex-Stratovarius), Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween), Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius) and Miko Harkin (ex-Sonata Arctica) to conform the super-group Symfonia, the result of that union is In Paradisum the first album of the band.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with Andre Matos about Symfonia and this is what he told us.

What called your attention in order to join Symfonia?

What is the concept behind In Paradisum?

So it would be a development of that concept in a future album?

How was the experience to work with Timo Tolki as producer?

How do you see the power metal scene today in comparation with 10, 15 years ago?

What do you think Symfonia can provide to the power metal scene?

How was the response of the public at the Finnish Metal Expo?

The band is confirmed to play at Sonisphere in July, how do you see the participation of Symfonia in that festival.

Are any plans to tour in the United States?

Do you have any updates on the condition of Uli Kusch?

Wolf Hoffman of ACCEPT talked to The Age Of Metal

Since I listened Blood Of The Nations the latest album of German titans ACCEPT last year,  it got me, it even made it my top 10 of 2010, but when I got news that they were coming to the valley of the sun, I knew that I have to go and see them perform such album live, and yesterday that happened. they played in a festival called U-fest in Mesa, AZ Read more

The quitting months

It seems that the months of April and May are not good for metal music, last year Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio & Peter Gray died and left the metal scene in sorrow and pain.
now during this week Matt LaPorte guitarist of Jon Olivia’s Pain died in his home, not cause of dead have been released yet.
K.K Downing in a shocking move quits Judas Priest, arguing “a breakdown in the relationship between he and the bands’ management”, all this in the eve of Judas Priest’s Epithaph Tour that would begin this fall
Jeff Loomis & Van Williams quit Nevermore argument that “their time in the band is over and they would pursue a different path.”
and as today Roy Khan quits Kamelot, argument “a new change in his life related to religion”, after more than 6 months of expectations and speculation between fans about the status of Khan, who had a breakdown on september previous to the release of Poetry for the Poisoned and Kamelot’s North American Tour which was cancel due to this incident.
Believe me i am not superstitious and all this could be coincidence, but when I see a series of events of positive or negative character that repeats during a period of time, it really worries me and why not freak me out a little.
I know that is tons of great news and accomplishments from bands almost every day, new albums, new tours, new emerging bands, but it seems that the negative news are the ones that affect the mood of he scene the most, Hopefully the months to come bring better news to the scene.

Norther – Circle Regenerated (2011)

Finnish death metallers Norther had return with a new studio album, Circle Regenerated, their 6th in their musical career, and it is great to see them back, their sound is more mature within the Finnish death metal scene, leaving way behind that stigma of being Children Of Bodom‘s little brother, and taking as their own that sound that such band left behind long ago, the work in keyboards and guitar is just mesmerizing, with tracks like Truth, Someday & Believe that shows the mature of their approach to melodic death metal.

One thing you must notice is the change in the vocals this due to the absence of Petri Lindroos, who left the band to commit full-time to Ensiferum, and was replaced by Aleksi Sihvonen (ex Imperanon) his vocal power is shown in tracks like We Do Not Care and The Last Time. is no doubt that Norther is moving forward leading the melodic death metal scene without let its essential sound be modified, in the contrary Circle Regenerated is a step forward in the way of doing melodic death metal.

Power tracks: Truth, Believe, The Hate I Bear.

Slow tracks: Someday, The Last Time, Failing.


01. Through It All (03:48)
02. The Hate I Bear (04:06)
03. Truth (04:04)
04. Some Day (04:49)
05. Break Myself Away (04:05)
06. Believe (04:23)
07. Falling (04:21)
08. We Do Not Care (04:16)
09. The Last Time (04:14)
10. Closing In (05:49)

Theater Of Tragedy – Last Curtain Call – DVD

It was a heartache when Theater Of Tragedy one of my favorite bands and the one that got me into Gothic Metal called quits in March 2010, after more than 15 years as pioneers of a genre that bands like Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation made famous around the world. The Last Curtain Call DVD contains their last live footage of the band, plus half hour “on the road” footage and the last rehearsal of the band in October 2010 (with fans attending).

Theater Of Tragedy also includes in this DVD a CD with live material and for those ones that prefer just audio to DVD a double live CD with the entire soundtrack feature in the DVD, the release date has been announced as May 20th by AMF records, this is the trailer of that upcoming DVD

Kampfar – Mare (2011)

With a rooted sound on old school black metal Kampfar returns with Mare their new album, produced by Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain) who had produced for bands like Dimmu Borgir , Amon Amarth & Children Of Bodom. The album features a darker sound than its predecessors, a strong guitar work that gives the record a heaviness never seen before in Kampfar’s style, the keyboard parts are a real trip to the early 90′s metal sound, full of atmospheric melodies that provide the record with a Norwegian aura of pure black metal awesomeness, also all the lyrics are in Norwegian which gave a brutal personality to the album.

Without going away from their unique sound, with Mare Kampfar gave a step forward in their career to a new darker chapter that I personally hope it continues that way, this album is a true musical experience and a real trip to the roots of black metal without forgetting the pagan essence for which Kampfar is already known in the international scene.

Power Tracks: Mare, Illdstemmer, Bergtatt, Trolldomspakt, Nattgang

Slow Tracks: Volvevers, Blitzwitch, Altergang


1. Mare
2. Ildstemmer
3. Huldreland
4. Bergtatt
5. Trolldomspakt
6. Volvevers
7. Blitzwitch
8. Nattgang
9. Altergang


Symfonia – In Paradisum (2011)

I used to think about what great musicians from different melodic power metal bands would sound together, but it seems that now such thought just materialized in the form of Symfonia, a super Scandinavian group conformed by Andre Matos (Angra,Shamman) on vocals, Timo Tolki (Stratovarius) on guitar, Uli Kusch (Helloween, Gamma Ray) on drums, Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius, Evergrey) on Bass Guitar, and Mikko Harkin (Sonata Arctica) on keyboards, with this lineup of luxury, they begun to work in what it is their first album titled In Paradisum.

The album presents a classic melodic power metal feeling that shows the signature sound of each one of its members, that is not difficult to distinguish were they had been, is like having a smash up of really good melodies together, the guitar riffs of Tolki sync perfectly with Harkin keyboards, and are topped with the high pitch vocal of Matos, the beat structure of Kusch and Kainulainen gave every song the speed and force that it needs, the whole album is a musical experience that i personally did not experieced since long time, but with a supergroup like Symfonia you can not be wrong to find a musically and powerful experience.

power tracks : Pilgrim Road, Forevermore, Fields of Avalon, Santiago

slow tracks : Rhapsody on black, Alayna, Don’t let Me Go


01. Fields of Avalon – 5.09
02. Come by the Hills – 5.01
03. Santiago – 5.54
04. Alayna – 6.17
05. Forevermore – 5.31
06. Pilgrim Road – 3.37
07. In Paradisum – 9.35
08. Rhapsody in Black – 4.34
09. I walk in neon – 5.44
10. Don’t let me go – 3.56




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