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18 Nights of Blood Show at Rocky Point Cantina. Tempe, AZ (06/25/2012)


On Monday June 26th the 18 Nights of Blood Tour hit Tempe, Arizona at The Rocky Point Cantina.  The line up of the tour consists of Revocation, Dying Fetus and non other than Six Feet Under.  The show that night was incredibly sweaty and brutal.  The venue was literally a hot box!  Mixed with an outside bar and open air stage there was no air conditioner in this horrible desert heat. The show was packed and the smell of sweat and death metal filled the air.

Six Feet Under is currently promoting their new cd on this tour “Undead,” (Metal Blade Records) as well as Dying Fetus new album “Reign Supreme” (Relapse Records).  Revocation and Dying Fetus really put on a great show and were amazing openers for Six Feet UnderBoth bands brought their A game and pumped up the crowd.  Revocation live was really killer the band as a whole really had some great dynamic and turned up the volume with songs like Dismantle The Dictator, Conjuring The Cataclysm, Harlot, and Unattained. Fans really enjoyed their set, here are some pictures of their show.

All that needs to be said is  “Homicidal Retribution.”  Dying Fetus was ruthless.  From beginning to end they were incredible.  Their set killed it, their stage attitude was great.  They played with such violent and aggressive attitudes it was amazing.  Anyone who wasn’t a Dying Fetus fan became on after they were done.  Their always amazing live and their music is beautiful and extreme.

Six Feet Under was incredibly intense live.  Knitty gritty death metal with  Chris Barnes amazing deep voice and loud shrill ear-piercing screams being blasted through the speaker and monitors really left the crowd deaf and screaming for more.  The lack of circulating air and the immense pit that occurred in that venue that night was nothing more than lethal.  Despite gasping for air everyone didn’t care and headbanged like crazy.  There was a lot of great energy and during their set. Here are some pictures from their set The set list for the night consisted of some of their new material some older songs and even two Cannibal Corpse songs which was a really awesome treat for everyone to hear.  The whole set list was: No Warning Shot, Hammer Smashed, Human Target, Delayed Combustion Device, Reckless, Feasting on the Blood of the Insane, Victim of the Paranoid, Seed of Filth, Silent Violence, The Day the Dead Walked, Deathklaat, Near Death Experience, Revenge of the Zombie, Shadow of the Reaper, Beneath a Black Sky, Stripped & Raped and Strangled.

Over all it was a great show and it didn’t matter that everyone was sweating in 100 degree weather in an outside venue.  It just made everything even more intense the way death metal is suppose to be in your face and extreme.

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