Jul 03

Falk Maria & Matthew of Powerwolf discussed Blessed & Possessed


After reaching success with their latest album Preachers Of The Night, the German wolfpack known as Powerwolf has returned with a new album titled, Blessed And Possessed, The band’s success on combining thunderous heavy metal music with a dark imaginary of religious icons, plus adding the unique voice of Attila Dorn had them tour Europe several times, that the echo of their magnificent pagan music had reached America.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 02

Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (2015)

Kataklysm - Of Ghosts And Gods - Artwork

If there’s one thing I can say about Kataklysm in 2015, it’s that they will prevail. Of Ghosts and Gods is by far the most impressive material I’ve heard from Kataklysm as if recently. This album contains ample amounts of ruination right next to adept composition. This is essential to listen to in 2015. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 01

Death Angel – The Bay Calls for Blood (2015)

Death Angel - The Bay Calls For Blood - Live In San Francisco - Artwork

If there’s one time I would pick to see Death Angel, it would be performing in their hometown of San Francisco. But until then, I have their live album! This release with the clever title of The Bay Calls for Blood is the ultimate live release. Combining the material of the heart-racing thrashers with a solid live set is as good as a live album can get. The vast majority of songs they perform are off their 2013 release The Dream Calls for Blood, and I’ll say right now I wish they offered more variety with their older material. But the songs that were featured definitely sent the crowd into annihilation! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 30

Matt Szlachta of Broken Hope on joining the band & their upcoming album


There are multiple brutalers such as myself who hate knowing their favorite maniacal bands are either taking a hiatus or broke up altogether. So when a band such as Broken Hope re-emerged as even more of a slaughtering beast than they were before, well as you can imagine they have been making fans very happy. And with a new line-up, there can’t be much more going on for Broken Hope right now. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 29

Thy Art is Murder- Holy War (2015)

Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War - Artwork

Produced in secret this past winter Thy Art is Murder recorded their third studio album and second release with Nuclear Blast.  After the acclaim of Hate and the intense touring; the band is utilized the momentum to put together their most confronting release yet.  Of course this new album already has controversy buzzing around it, but Holy War is brutal, well executed deathcore that will most certainly get your blood and adrenaline pumping.In a sub genre, that has a tendency to lean towards monotony and repetition, Thy Art is Murder being the no fucks given Aussies that they are- always find a way to stand apart from the crowd and elevate their genre at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 27

In This Moment live at Livewire (Scottsdale, AZ 06/23/15)


Last time I saw In This Moment was a couple of years back at the old Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ which was a street down from where Livewire is today, I remember being a good crowd that night, and an amazing show from the band. Forwarding to 2015, I decided to go to the Black Widow kickoff tour in Scottsdale, AZ last Tuesday night. I got to the venue around the time doors were opening (7:00pm) in order to avoid standing in line on a 100 degree weather (have in mind between the hours of 2pm & 5pm is where the temperatures tend to peak when you are in AZ). To my surprise when I arrive there still was a huge line that reached the end of the street, with more people getting added to it by the minute.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 24

Michael Romeo of Symphony X discussed the ideas behind Underworld


New Jersey natives, Symphony X is coming back with a solid new record titled, Underworld. The album comes 4 years after their last discographic piece, Iconoclast (2011). Both of this records are similar on the way both of them push the musical style of the band forward, but they are different on ideals, sound, and pretty much everything else. Underworld, could potentially come across as more technical and at the same time melodic that evokes the band’s third album The Divine Wings Of Tragedy (1997). Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 22

Borealis – Purgatory (2015)


Canadian progpower metal band Borealis has been around since 2005 with their first album released in 2008, after 10 years and 2 studio album, this band native of Ontario, Canada is releasing their third studio album, and one of the heaviest records to hit the market this year. Their style fluctuate between the influences of Kamelot, Evergrey, Symphony X & Sonata Arctica.

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Jun 17

Margarita Monet of Edge Of Paradise discussed Immortal Waltz & band image


Founded in 2011 Edge Of Paradise started as a L.A band that was out in the look for a new sound, after the released of their album Mask in 2011, the band took a different direction in 2013 after meeting legendary producer Michael Wagener (Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., Overkill, AcceptAlice CooperMegadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, and Metallica) who collaborated with them on their EP Perfect Shade Of Black released in 2013, and most lately he produced their new album Immortal Waltz.

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Jun 15

Luca Turilli of Rhapsody discussed the creating process of Prometheus Symphonia Ignis Divinus


Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody is releasing their second album titled Prometheus Symphonia Ignis Divinus this upcoming June 19th, after a long year in the studio, followed by a long-lasting process of arranging and mastering the songs, this 70 minutes epic ride comes to an end with the album’s release. But what really it’s on Prometheus Symphonia Ignis Divinus?

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Jun 13

Jonny Hetherington of Art Of Dying discussed Rise Up & touring

ArtOfDying-1.jpgArt Of Dying is a promising Canadian band that its been around since 2004, and have made their name resound around the rock scene by playing at festivals like Uproar Festival, Rock At The Range & Carolina Rebellion. The band recently release a EP titled Rise Up, containing five songs as a preview of their upcoming full album, schedule to be released at the end of the summer.

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